Value of Fee Based Advice

Traditionally, in Canada, the Investment Advisory/Financial Advisory industry is accustomed to Advisor’s compensation being based on commissions or a combination of commissions/service fees that are not transparent to the investor. These traditional methods can create real, or perceived conflicts of interest that may not be advantageous to your investing experience and results.

At Affinity Securities, we believe in complete transparency and disclosure in explaining the total costs of an investment portfolio. Costs may include mutual fund expenses (MER), trading expenses, management fees and commissions. We feel the industry will naturally evolve in this direction, but Affinity Securities has been a believer in this method of compensation and full disclosure since its roots.

Due to our forward thinking mentality, we have received tremendous feedback from current clientele. Instituting a compensation model with no incentive other than growing a client’s investment portfolio and helping them make financially savvy decisions has been very popular. In the end, we are compensated based on the market value of your portfolio. Therefore, we simply want to provide high quality advice.

We feel it is necessary that a client works with an advisory team that has a vested interest in their investment portfolio and provides a compensation model that removes conflict of interest in the advisor-client relationship.


* Ask about how to turn investment fees into a tax deduction.

*Certain account sizes may be subject to embedded commission due to the logistics of a fee based model.

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You can check the registration status of your Advisor at IIROC AdvisorReport

* Tax advice, risk management and other advisory services including insurance solutions are provided as part of a comprehensive financial plan through Affinity Financial Group Please visit for further information.