Individual Securities

At Affinity Securities we have the ability to utilize individual securities to enhance and compliment other asset classes within your portfolio. We strongly believe in being able to offer all solutions available to a Canadian investor.

Securities are typically divided into debt securities and equities.

A debt security is a type of security that represents money that is borrowed that must be repaid, with terms that define the amount borrowed, interest rate and maturity/renewal date. Debt securities include government and investment grade corporate bonds, high yield corporate bonds, guaranteed investment certificates (GIC), preferred stock and collateralized securities.

Equities represent ownership interest held by shareholders in a corporation, such as a stock. Unlike holders of debt securities who generally receive only interest and the repayment of the principal, holders of equity securities are able to profit from capital gains and dividend distributions.



Investments are provided through Worldsource Securities Inc., Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, Member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and sponsoring investment dealer of Affinity Securities.

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