Affinity Securities was founded as a group of independent advisors seeking top-end solutions while avoiding conflicts of interest and significant limitations that are often found in the Financial Planning / Investment Advisory industry.

We were concerned with the lack of sophistication in the traditional approach of advisors marketing/selling different types of investment and insurance products. Affinity Securities reviews all aspects of a client’s financial situation. Investments, insurance *, compensation, taxes, estate planning and charitable giving are all measured together to create a comprehensive financial plan that takes full advantage of a client’s unique circumstances.

Our ability to challenge the Status Quo with innovative, entrepreneurial thinking has paved the way to much of our success. It has allowed us to provide high-level advice that better aligns the interests of our advisory group with that of our clientele. Our commitment to education, licensing, and an independent business model avoids handicapping or limiting the solutions we are able to offer.

Affinity Securities vision is to manage an efficient client base that ensures our levels of service and commitment are maintained throughout the course of the business relationship. In the end, we realize that at the core of any quality relationship is trust and mutual respect. We are not pressured to focus on sales targets and high volume business that much of the advisory industry is accustomed to. Rather, we prefer to focus on building a higher quality Advisor – Client relationship. In our experience, this increases the success rate of clients reaching their financial goals while having piece of mind and comfort in who they entrust with these goals.


Are you curious and uncertain about the fees involved with managing your portfolio?

Affinity Financial Group offers services that include risk management, as well as advisory on personal and business tax planning solutions.

Do you ever wonder how your performance compares to industry standards?




Our Clients Say it Best

  • Affinity Securities has provided sound investment strategies and solid results. The planning and tax advice* I receive makes me confident that I am on the right track. Their commitment to service and keeping me informed means I am comfortable with how we are trying to achieve my goals.–Francis McGuire, CEO Major Drilling Group


Investments are provided through Worldsource Securities Inc., Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, Member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and sponsoring investment dealer of Affinity Securities.

You can check the registration status of your Advisor at IIROC AdvisorReport

* Tax advice, risk management and other advisory services including insurance solutions are provided as part of a comprehensive financial plan through Affinity Financial Group Please visit for further information.